Extraordinary Viewpoint

Franchise owners have a guarantee that the business model has operational and practical skill systems in place before the buy-in option. There is a proven recipe for success no matter the demographic. There is minimal risk as the guess work is eliminated from the equation.

Much like the franchise business model, business coaching in tandem with advanced clinical certification highlights the courses that support rehabilitation and recovery for athletes and weekend warriors. However, it leaves the authenticity and creative liberties to the Clinical Massage Therapist. The featured courses are essential to the clinical rhythm as it is an infusion of results-oriented therapies.

Clinical Applications

When a massage therapist completes a typical 500-hour program, inclusive of theoretical research and studies, what follows are a set number of hours to demonstrate proficiency with the public called internship.

Confidence in communication, time management and evaluation of purpose to develop a client-centered therapy session were key deliverables with minimal supervision.

Quite frankly, the only way to obtain proficiency in a clinical or hospital setting (i.e. chiropractor or orthopedic clinic) is to perform clinical rotations within the facility. And that's exactly what we offer...experience. You will be conducting case study clinical applications at our partnered clinic facility.

This introductory experience should peak your curiosity as to which specialty or series of conditions you would prefer to treat on a more permanent basis. There is a different pace and order that collaborates with the physician's treatments and adjustments requiring a paradigm shift from what was taught in massage school.

Here's A Sneak Peak at the 3 Coaching Courses

A. Magnetic Mindset

1. Develop A Business Perspective

2. Dream Big: Plan Your Reality

3. Cultivate A Coachable Culture

B. Marketing Massage Health

1. Social Media Presence

2. Membership & Introductory Rates

3. Hook, Liner, Sinker

C. Management & Money Matters

1. Team Effort: Advise Me on Winning

2. Authentically Ambitious

3. Powerful Saving Priorities

The common business mistakes are exposed and crown jewels of knowledge catapult you to financial freedom in approximately 6 months!

That should put all your prohibitions to rest.

Clinical Massage Therapist Certification

Just in case you still need more details on the 4 Clinical Courses we're offering, we've highlighted a few learning objectives below:

  • Foundations of a Clinician

-student therapist will be acclimated to a Clinical rhythym, medical terminology and communicate effectively with allied health clinical professionals.

  • Neuromuscular Therapy

-student therapist will address deeply embedded fibrotic knots using a series of techniques to restore proper blood flow

  • Myofascial Release

-student therapist will warm superficial fascia via manual and mechanical devices to improve range of motion.

  • Manual Lymphatic Drainage

-student therapist will facilitate fluid reduction techniques surrounding joints from injury, arms and abdomen due to slowing metabolism while recommending after-care instructions

Clinical Strength

This Clinical Strength Formula is the most pivotal structure and framework for the growth of your practice. You will not have any available appointments for the next 45 days implementing this program. And the best part is that any question you have along the way, we have a mentorship 3-month quick access channel just for you.

Yes! We will hold your hand until you are ready to soar like the bold and adventurous eagle that you are.

Quality continuing education courses with clinical applications to solidify the objectives are met confidently...that's why we get up early to prepare you for leveraging lucrative knowledge.