The mission of Lucrative Knowledge Academy is to 'Leverage Lucrative Knowledge to Launch Your Career'.

We believe that massage therapists should possess a comprehensive fore knowledge when facing complex chronic pain and applying advanced bodywork. In order to prepare an entry-level therapist for in-depth clinical documentation and posture analysis, we have designed a specific lineup of courses.

The Leverage Formula

Each student therapist will receive:

3. Coaching Courses


4. Clinical Courses


7. The Leverage Formula

The Significance of Seven

The number seven represents totality and fullness. This number has been exemplary when noting profound names, places and ideals. Case in point:

The 7 Planets

Sun - Moon - Mars - Venus - Jupiter - Saturn - Neptune

The 7 Wonders of The World

  • Great Pyramids of Giza
  • Hanging Gardens of Babylon
  • Mausoleum of Halicaenosus
  • The Pharos of Alexandria
  • The Temple of Artemis
  • The Statue of Zeus
  • The Colossus at Rhodes

The 7 Arts & Sciences


{Music - Arithmetic - Geometry - Astronomy}


{Grammar - Rhetoric - Logic}

The sum of this duo equates to the Liberal Arts.

It is the same principle and framework that we mold the Clinical Specialization Program.

An Approved Formula

The Trivium in present day yields business intellect and fierce management aptitude that the student therapist will master in the 3 Coaching Courses.

The Quadrivium unpack the perfect blend of scientific logic and cosmic exploration represented in our 4 Clinical Courses.

Upon completion of these 7 foundational courses, the student therapist will gratefully wield the arts and sciences of the Leverage Formula to build their own practice or work in a hospital setting.

Hi, I’m Yolanda Dawson.

Founder, Lucrative Knowledge Academy

AA, MMP, CE Provider

For over 22 years, I have served as a Licensed Massage Therapist and taught for 11 of those years. I started out in a chiropractors clinic under Dr. David Kroupa, 30-minute therapy session/ 30-minute adjustment session; comprehensive dynamic duo.

Naturally the clinical preference overruled working for a franchise or spa, as the need to resolve chronic pain resulting from injury or compounding medical conditions was understood. Now, a Medical Massage Practitioner operating a small private practice clinic working with a network of chiropractic, neurologists and orthopedic surgeons, I would like to help massage therapists advance to new clinical prowess.